Everything You Need to Kickstart Your
Hotel Marketing Strategy

Primal Digital helps hoteliers build strategic,progressive plans to maximize hotel reach and value.

Branding & Storytelling

How do your guests see your brand? What thoughts enter their minds when they see your logo, or as they navigate the pages of your website or social channels?

Data Science & Analytics

By 2018 we will be producing more than 50,000 GB of data per second. Don't underestimate the power that can have on your marketing branding strategy.

Digital Media Buys

Every minute 571 new websites are launched. This can leave marketing teams intimidated about where best to invest in media. Let us help you get in front of your guests where it really matters.

Email Marketing

Personalized, mobile optimized emails have seen conversion rates as high as 50%. If your email blasts are not highly targeted, you are leaving potential revenue on the table.

Marketing Mix Optimization

Marketing done right is an investment. Marketing done wrong is a cost. Maximizing your investment's impact means taking an unbiased look at the whole picture and pivoting where necessary.

Meta Search Marketing

Competing in the organic space is becoming more challenging and complex than ever before. Meta-search allows you to display real-time room availability and pricing directly from your booking engine.

Mobile Marketing & Optimization

People ages 25-34 years old, on average check their mobile devices over 50 times per day. Any one of these interactions can be a potential engagement opportunity between that user and your brand.

OTA Advertising & Management

Long gone are the days when we can just write off OTAs entirely. Used correctly, even they can play a critical role in optimizing your digital strategy and maximizing potential reach and revenue.

Paid Search Management

Google processes 40,000 queries per second. Paid search allows you to be in front of your guests as they are searching for you. Missing those clicks can result in millions of lost revenue every year.

PR & Influencer Marketing

Anyone can write a press release, but very few of us take the necessary steps to maximize the exposure and impact of them. Used correctly, they can be a powerful tool for outreach & engagement.

Retargeting & Display

When a visitor checks your booking engine, there's some form of intent. However, 4 out of 5 visitors abandon their reservation. What steps are you taking to recapture potential lost revenue?

Search Engine Optimization

Google processes over 100 billion queries per month. SEO 2016 is not just about optimized page titles. If you don't understand your customers and their intentions, you will fall in the rankings.

Social Media Management

The world adds over 1 million new social media users every day. That's the equivalent of adding the entire population of Puerto Rico every 3.5 days or 12 users per second. How are you leveraging this?

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