Our Pricing is Simple and Flexible

No hidden fees, only value based pricing.

Plans for Any Size or Situation

1 Month

Short engagements that allow you the flexibility to change at any point.
6.0 %
Per month

24 Months

For those of you in it for the long haul. You shall be rewarded.
3.0 %
Per month

3-Factor Value-Based Pricing

Length of Engagement

The longer the length of engagement the more we can both plan strategically for our futures. The longer we continue to work towards that future the more we want to reward you for supporting us through lower monthly payments and commissions.

Scope of Project

Every hotel is in a different situation so why should pricing be static across the board? We design out strategies and technologies to be dynamic and adjust to your specific needs. This way every hotel gets their custom tailored solutions unique to fit their market.

Target Success Factors

We understand risk makes decision making difficult, which is why we want to make this as risk adverse as possible for you. Value-based pricing ties inputs (costs) directly to outputs (results). If we don't produce real results, we would never expect you to pay fully.

Payment & Pricing FAQs

  • What services do you offer?
  • To read more about the products and services we currently offer, please visit our services section for more detailed information.
  • What is value-based pricing?
  • Value-based pricing sets prices according to the perceived value of the services provided to the customer. It is a way to reduce risk and ensure we're both focused on the same goals and outputs.
  • Do I have to sign a contract?
  • We don't want you to feel tied down in a relationship that makes you uncomfortable. If you would like more flexibility in your options, please check out our monthly plan and cancel whenever you like.
  • What payments do you accept?
  • We currently accept all forms of major credit cards, certified business checks, and direct bank transfers. Once you receive your invoice, you can pay directly from the invoice or contact your account manager for alternative options.
  • How do I pay my invoice?
  • Once you receive your invoice you can either pay the invoice directly by clicking the pay now option on the emailed invoice, you can send a check via certified mail, or you can transfer via a bank transfer.
  • What are target success factors?
  • Target success factors are any KPI that have been deemed a primary business focus or goal. In some situations, it could be as simple as revenue produced or more complicated metrics like the number of meeting or wedding RFPs submitted.
  • Is there any hidden costs or fees?
  • One of our core company values is militant transparency. There will never be any hidden costs or fees when it comes time to pay your bills.
  • Do you offer any free trials?
  • We offer new potential customers a free one-hour strategy session to dive deep into your current revenue and marketing strategy, assess your customer segments and come up with a few new unique ideas.
  • Do you have any volume discounts?
  • If you are looking to bring on more than one hotel property, we can work out a specific pricing solution to fit your needs.
  • How do I cancel my account?
  • While we hate to see you go, we understand that sometimes situations change. Just call +1 (720) 504-4960 or send us an email at hello@primaldigital.co.

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